Friday, October 17, 2014

Witches Brew

Halloween is our favorite time of year for a spooky party! This year we helped Ashley from AH portraits  throw a witch themed party for her six year old daughter! We think it turned out perfect! We used black mesh fabric and hanging bats to give our potion table a spooky backdrop. For the potion table we used spell books, various potions bottles and a witches brew wouldn't be complete with out a cauldron!  The little witches enjoyed drinking swamp juice (AKA Kool-Aid), witch brooms, monster eyeball cookies and witch hat cupcakes.  

Up next we had the wee witches gather in a circle as we passed around body parts, that we later added to our own magic potion.  We used spaghetti noodles for guts, olives for eyeballs, corn for teeth, tofu for brains...You get the point.  The little kids loved this game and the expressions on their faces were priceless.  Each guest took one body part and added it to the cauldron as they said what type of magic their potion would have. For the last activity the little witches had their own spell bottles filled with colored water, a few drops of glycerin and a whole lot of glitter!  They took their potions home with them for party favors along with plastic witch fingers, chocolate eyeballs and slime! 

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